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Since its inception in 2017, Chain Partners has exclusively created over 20 products under our own name, and we've never made a single product for anyone else. Our unwavering commitment to producing top-quality products has been the key to our success. For six years, we have taken pride in building and perfecting one product. Now, we invite you to join us and create the defining product of your career. Our team comprises some of the best makers in the world, and we provide an environment that enables you to focus solely on developing one exceptional product.

Our approach to work

😃 Customer-first approach

Our decisions prioritize customers over competition, and we continually evaluate the value they bring to our customers.

💭 Be the missing piece to our team

We continuously search for self-improvement and figure out how to best support our team in the moment. This proactive approach is crucial for survival on our team.

📌 An environment that empowers creators

By eliminating unnecessary travel, meetings, and red tape, we free up time for our product creators to focus on producing outstanding work.

🏃‍♂️ Execution, execution, execution

Our approach to business growth involves bold experimentation and rapid iteration. For instance, we developed and launched Native AI with just two team members in just two weeks.

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"Before this team, I worked at an AI company where I believed I was skilled because everything worked out. But joining this team proved there's always room for growth." - Alex (PO)

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